Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the power goes out?

Our systems have backup batteries and/or an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to keep your systems running even when you’ve lost power.

Will cutting lines affect my monitoring?
devWe offer cellular monitoring that isn’t relying on outside wiring of your home or business to communicate.
Do I need a phone line, landline, for my security system to be monitored?

No. In fact it’s more secure if you do not use a landline that can be cut or circumvented outside of your home or business. Smart Security systems communicate to authorities via Cellular Radio. With Cellular Radio you get faster, safer and supervised monitoring without the vulnerability of outside wiring,

What is cellular radio monitoring?

Cellular radio monitoring is the latest technology in security communication. There are two basic functions to a security system: to detect and to communicate.

The security devices in the home are designed to protect the house, they may be wireless or hardwired contacts, glass breakage, motion detectors, etc. Their function is to detect intrusion to protect the premises.

The second function is to communicate to authorities. This is often referred to as the monitoring of the system. We monitor our systems wirelessly by cellular radio. This method provides faster communication to authorities and cannot be circumvented by cutting lines outside of your home or business.

Are wireless systems the best for security?

Yes and No.

Yes, if you’re talking about wireless communication from your place to authorities. This is because wireless communication using cellular radio is faster and is not dependent on wires outside of your home or business.

No, when looking at wireless inside the home or business protecting windows and doors. It’s been said that the perfect “Wireless” system performs as if it were “Hardwired.” If you already have a hardwired system on your windows and doors and have considered having upgrades or converting it, be careful with advice from a company to convert your hardwired system to wireless. There’s rarely (if ever) a good reason to do this. Trust us on this one. Our 40+ years of experience pays off when consulting us in matters such as this.

Can I just have a Security System that makes a sound but doesn't call anyone?

You can, but expect to pay much more to the security company for the initial installation.

“Why would you” is a better question? Security systems that aren’t monitored to dispatch authorities are better than nothing—but just barely. Your neighbors rarely take the appropriate initiative and quite frankly are not law enforcement.

Additionally, alarm systems time out. This means after a period of time the sirens stop sounding. Even if the intruder leaves initially they can come back to a system that no longer is sounding.

False protection is often worse than no protection.

I want a camera system I can view from my phone. Does Smart Security offer that?

Certainly! Provided your phone has that capability. Most phones nowadays do—it’s pretty standard. All of our surveillance camera systems have this option and it’s much easier than you might think to use. Literally, just the click of an icon on your phone and you can view your cameras. And not just from your phone but from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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